The park is now open to the public.

Westside Park

Atlanta's New Gateway to the Westside.
The park is now open to the public.


Lighting, signage, and well-designed graphics to enhance pedestrian and bicycle traffic.


Grand overlook area will maximize panoramic views of the reservior and Atlanta Skyline.


Visitors will be able to expereince the quarry by ADA accessible trails leading to the grand overlook.


At 280 acres, Westside Park will be Atlanta’s largest park.


Atlanta’s largest greenspace

Currently, the City of Atlanta maintains over 3,000 acres of parkland and greenspace and operates 33 recreational centers. Once the Westside Park is complete, Atlanta will be home to over 400 parks. The intersection of Johnson Road and Grove Park Place will serve as the gateway entrance into the Westside Park.


A Catalyst for Westside Development

Scheduled to open in Late Spring/Early Summer 2021 the new $44 million Westside Park,
home to Atlanta’s largest greenspace, will serve as a catalyst for surrounding communities and a source for
critical emergency water reserves for the City.

280-acre greenspace.
atlanta’s largest park

Capacity to hold
2.4B gallons of water

Water reserve

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